Respect for the environment is fundamental, so we continuously invest in technological upgrades in our industrial plant, aiming at mitigating the impacts of our operations in the community where we operate.


The company believes that the sustainability of its business is necessarily due to its commitment to the good performance of its relations with the environment. For this reason, it is our commitment to invest in the structuring of an Environmental Management system that allows compliance with the following principles:

1. Ensuring compliance with the Environmental Legislation and the normative requirements pertinent to our activities;

2. Using pollution control systems and methods to avoid contamination of air, soil and water;

3. Raising people awareness to the importance of proper use of personal protective equipment;

4. Properly managing industrial waste, minimizing its generation and promoting recycling as much as possible;

5. Promoting the awareness of our employees so that they act in respect to this environmental policy and take to their homes the principles of environmental education and the conservation of nature;

6. Respecting neighborly rights by preventing our operations from causing undesirable disorders;


Social Responsibility practices permeate the entire history of the company. We believe that the strengthening of society is fundamental for the growth of our businesses, and for the sustainable development of the regions in which we operate. Therefore, Santa Luzia has been carrying out social projects in order to guarantee the local and surrounding community development, through actions with initiatives focused mainly on Education, Employment Generation and income, Health, Sport, Agroecological cultures and concepts.


Mining activities require a range of environmental care. Therefore, in 2007 the company prepared an area of ​​2.9 ha, for the reforestation with its majority of native forest species, which currently has an excellent development. The space has around 7000 plants and was part of Programa Contador de Árvores of Instituto Terra. The initiative has brought a great improvement to the landscape aspect of the place.


It is much more than a green space, the area of ​​1 ha of cultivated ground with diverse olericultural cultures, totally organic, that is, directed to the agroecological and sustainable precepts, with the objective of producing good quality foods that are distributed among the employees and the surrounding community. Raising their awareness to the importance of the healthy and balanced interaction of man with nature.


The company is a partner through support to the projects developed in the community, in several areas among which education, sport and leisure, recognizing and encouraging volunteers to continue their activities.


Aiming at the mitigation of plastic cups, the company has adopted the projeto caneca durável since 2009. With the adoption of this campaign the company managed to remove from the environment about 9,000 plastic cups a year.


In 2010, Santa Luzia started Projeto Praia Limpa, an environmental education campaign for the surrounding beaches, with the distribution of biodegradable bags in order to educate swimmers about environmental issues, as well as giving the correct destination to the garbage they produce.


The company promotes environmental education through the integration between the occupational safety and the environment area, emphasizing the company’s environmental policy, acting in the prevention of accidents, with the distribution of pamphlets, posters and conducting lectures and courses, informing the proper way of allocating and packaging the waste, the risks, their characteristics and their correct disposal.


Grupo Santa Luzia’s occupational safety and health team is committed to providing its employees and service providers with the most comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge related to health and safety at work, with quality and efficiency in accordance with NR’S (Regulatory Standards), the mystery of work and employment. Reducing and eliminating the risk of accidents, providing a good working environment through the prevention culture established with the courses and training given.