Mineração Santa Luzia de Itaguaí Ltda, was founded in 1944, and it is a company that currently has government-controlled (private) capital with 50% of national capital and 50% of foreign capital and stands out in the sector of immediate use in civil construction for the highest quality of its products, using state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing, observing strict quality criteria and sustainability standards, always focusing on the customer’s needs, which makes us one of the most efficient and main
producers of gravel and sand in Brazil.


Seeking to contribute to a solid and sustainable growth in the production of aggregates, to maintain a leading position and reference in the market, concerned with its employees and the environment, contributing to the economic and social development of the communities where it operates, always aiming at the relationship of deep respect for man and nature.


Responsibility and commitment to always have the best practices, with transparency in our relations, using ethics and honesty, to obtain excellence in the service of our clients, favoring in the cogeneration of values, always with quality and fair price, valuing the human potential and not forgetting about the environment.